Hi, I’m Reece. A web and graphic design specialist working on my own to design under my online alias WestBrick.


Located in Hull England, I’m a fast-growing digital design specialist mainly producing web and other graphical items. I’m here to help business portray their brand identity through powerful interactive products. I strongly believe in simplicity, and wherever it can rule – I allow it to be my king.

Founded in early 2017, WestBrick is a one-man agency which already operates throughout Yorkshire and has already worked with many national and international brands helping them enrich their digital presence. The state of WestBrick within 2018 is the best it can possibly be. With expansion each month, I work with new and existing brands further improving my creative skill set but also helping the brands that invest within me.


Here at WestBrick, I like to keep things simple. I break my services down into two major categories which consist of Digital and Graphic. Everything I offer is delivered to the highest of standards making sure every product I produce is pixel perfect and excels industry expectations. I feel that this ethic is demonstrated positively throughout my work and portfolio page.

My services are explained on their own service landing pages but if you have any further questions about what I can offer you or your brand please get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with further information. To read about what I can offer you or your brand please use the button below or contact me to find out the unmentioned services I may be able to offer.


Lets Discuss Work


PHONE ME : +44 (0) 7704 777 600
EMAIL : contact@reeceheron.com


Monday – Friday : 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday – Sunday : 10 am to 5 pm